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Welcome to my wiki page for the Statistical Consulting Practicum

About Me

Hello. I am a graduate of the York Applied Statistics MA program. I currently run a statistical consulting company called Datassist: I specialize in working with social & business statistics using longitudinal and multilevel data. My clients include professors, graduate students, businesses and government organizations. I think my two most interesting clients so far have been a hedge fund in Toronto trying to find companies on the stock market using earnings management to influence their stock prices and a team of researchers at UBC trying to find ways to prevent diseases causing blindness in Sudanese children. The great thing about being a consultant is that I always get to play with lots of diverse data and am constantly required to learn new techniques - both in statistical modeling and in the effective communication of statistical results.

I use the R software for much of my personal research but most of my clients prefer SPSS, so I am very interested in developing ways to use the two programs together. Another one of my personal interests is how statistics are used by "non-statisticians" - like journalists, politicians, voters, and all of us trying to make decent choices in the face of enormous amounts of data. In my mind, this is very connected to ethics in statistics. Dr. Mary Gray is one of my favourite researchers and speakers on ethics in statistics. She has many interesting talks and presentations of her website including one on the influence of statisticians on the concept of genocide:

Professor Monette and I are collaborating on research on statistical consulting and therefore I am auditing this course. I completed the course as a student several years ago and liked it so much that I began the preparation for launching my company. As such, I will not be participating in individual or team assignments, but I will post comments and links here as I gather them. In addition, I am happy to be a resource if you have any questions - both about assignments or just about being a statistical consultant in general. The best way to reach me would be via email at

Best wishes, Heather

January 21, 2011

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