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MATH 6627 2011-12 Practicum in Statistical Consulting

Please add references and links to this page. As we accumulate more items, we can try to organize them. Add annotations as you become familiar with the content of each item.


Statistical Consulting

Multilevel Models

  • Andrew Gelman and Jennifer Hill (2007) Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models. Cambridge University Press,
    • home page, York University Bookstore,Google books, ebook, Amazon
    • Data directory:
    • Downloading data and R scripts:
      1. Start R
      2. Open a script window: File|New script
      3. Use a web browser to to open a data file
      4. Cut and paste the data file into the R script window and save it with a suitable name: e.g. police.dat
      5. Open a new script window for commands to read in the data file as an R 'data.frame'
        1. Count the number of non-data lines to skip at the top, then use the command:
          > dd <- read.table( 'police.dat', header = T, skip = 6)
        2. Submit the command with Ctrl-R
  • Gelman and Hill is an excellent recent reference on multilevel models. It is very light on issues that are specific to longitudinal data analysis.


TED Talks on Statistics





Ethics in Statistics and Consulting

TED Talks on Statistics


New York Times, April 8, 1984

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