MATH 6627 2011-12 Practicum in Statistical Consulting/Statistical consulting environments

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Statistical Consulting Environments

This list was started from Javier Cabrera's list at Many examples were specific to the US. They should be paralleled with Canadian references. Add suitable links.

Pharmaceutical: The drug development process

  • Discovery and decision
  • Preclinical studies
  • Clinical studies
    • Phase I
    • Phase II
    • Phase III
    • Phase IV


  • Extremely large databases
  • Research and Business divisions.
  • Communications and Information technologies


  • Data Mining
  • Small Companies
    • market research
    • survey design and analysis
    • financial analysis
  • IRC for pharmaceutical, telecommunication projects.
  • Database management
  • Market Research Survey

Government [US]

  • Census Bureau
    • Survey design.
    • Data collection.
    • Statistical data analysis and mining
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [USA].
    • Human Drugs
    • Animal Drugs
    • Medical Devices
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
  • State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Government [Canada]


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