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This is a page to use to record agenda items for SCS staff meetings, together with notes, action items etc. Please feel free to edit, make additions, changes, etc.

Staff meeting: September 16, 2011

  • Introductions (faculty, staff, TAs, guests)

From BG-W: could we have a complete record of SCS TAs: Names, Graduate Program, full/half TA, volunteer TA? The information can be used to revise the SCS web-site.

  • Set meeting time for the year: We decided to meet regularly this year, Fridays, 12:30-1:30 in the ISR Meeting Room. Georges asked that a projector/laptop be available for seminar meetings.
  • Discussion of seminar topic. See: SCS Reads 2011
    • Agreed to adopt Statistics, Geometry and Data Visualization as the initial topic
    • Agreed to try to use Dempster (1969) as the main source for readings, assuming we can obtain permission to distribute chapters. Georges will contact Arthur Dempster to ask.
    • Michael & Georges agreed to formulate a syllabus of readings.
    • Start next Friday with Saville & Wood (1968) and Monette (1990)
  • TA responsibilities and consulting schedule. See: SCS TAships: Allocation of time
    • New TAs should monitor AppointmentQuest schedules and arrange to shadow a variety of other consultants over the Fall term
    • Rob modified the standard AppointmentQuest notification to indicate that 'A consulting intern may be present at your appointment. Please notify the consultant in advance if you have any objection to this.'
    • Rob added 'STATA Consulting' as a new schedule on Appointmentquest
  • Fall Short Courses:
    • Details: See SCS Short Courses, Fall 2011
    • TAs: Ryan agreed to TA the SAS course; Matt will TA the SPSS course; Carrie will TA Georges' R course
  • SPIDA 2012: The topic for this year will be Generalized Linear Models and Mixed Models. We will have an initial planning meeting after the staff meeting on Sept. 30.
  • Winter Short Courses
    • Information for ISR brochure and web site needed by:  ???
    • Standard courses: SAS, SPSS
    • SEM course (Constance) -- starting in January; Constance to advise Bryn of dates/times
    • TBA course (Michael) -- starting early March, please
    • Intro R course (Rob)
    • Longitudinal/Hierarchical models course (Georges)

Staff meeting: September 30, 2011

  • Winter short courses: In addition to SAS, SPSS,
    • Intro to R - Carrie
    • Hierarchical models -- Georges
    • Visualizing Categorical Data -- Michael (TBD: book Hebb lab)
  • Demonstration of the SCS Wiki (Georges) -- for practice, Georges created the page Sometimes Asked Questions. Feel free to edit this page.
  • Demonstration of AppointmentQuest (Rob) -- SCS consultants can login through the password protected page.
    • Rob will create Personnel accounts for new TAs. They will edit from there
  • Consulting schedule: No modifications suggested

Staff meeting: October 14, 2011

Staff meeting: October 28, 2011

Staff meeting: November 11, 2011

Staff meeting: November 25, 2011

Staff meeting: December 9, 2011

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