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This is the wiki for the Statistical Consulting Service at York University. You can make appointments online to see one of our consultants.


Suggestion: to discuss the structure of the wiki, click on the discussion tab above.

If you would like to have an account on this wiki, please contact Georges Monette [1].

Hot topics

  • Contribute to the list of programs in Data Sciences.
  • Sometimes Asked Questions
  • It would be a great contribution to compile a list of exemplary subject-matter papers reporting statistical methods, especially modern methods such as longitudinal data analysis, etc.



Statistical Seminars in the Toronto Area

Workshops and Courses


Data Analysis

Displaying Data and Reporting

Statistical Topics

Statistical Consulting Support


Local R packages

The 'spida' and 'p3d' packages are now available through github with

  • devtools::install_github('gmonette/spida2') and
  • devtools::install_github('gmonette/p3d')


SCS Administration

Interesting Links

Statistical consulting services at other universities

Did you know?

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